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Are you looking for a corporate team building activity that is different to the usual track race days, zip wires and go karting? Then look no further Top Escape Rooms offer a great alternative

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is where we put your team in a themed room and you must try and escape by solving puzzles and challenges. You will have 60 minutes to complete the mission. Each game is ideally for 2-6 people.

We can cater for teams of 6 to 12 people over our two rooms

How will this help with team building?

Escape rooms encourage colleagues to interact with one another and express themselves in a way in which they are less likely to in the workplace.

Colleagues will get to know one another a lot better as they work together to escape the room.

This kind of team building activity allows colleagues to think creatively whilst facing the challenges involved in an escape room.

Is there food and drink?

We offer a range of soft drinks which can be purchased

We also have partnered with Pastini Queen to offer an amazing range of food options

Some sample menu’s below